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Unfiltered | April 29, 2017

(I keep the door to me shop open because the door tends to stick and people think we’re closed when they can’t open the door immediately. The counter is right by the desk so people tend to come in off the street quite often and ask for directions etc which is pretty irritating but fairly harmless)

I was on the phone to a customer today when a woman popped her head in the door and started asking me something. She could see I was on the phone so I assumed she was a customer making a query. I put the other customer on hold to help her.

Me: Hi how can I help you?

Her: Hi I was here about a year ago.

I nod, as this is often something customers say.

Her: And there was a little place that did quiches do you know where it is?

Me: (With a look of utter disbelief and irritation) No.

(Seeing my expression she beat a hasty retreat. She had honestly thought it was okay to interrupt a phone call to a paying customer just to ask for directions)