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Unfiltered | April 28, 2017

(I had just started serving. One of my tables had left something so I ran out after them. On my way back in I held the door open for a man and his wife. The wife exits and the man stands in the door way.)

Me: Have a great night sir.

Man: I have been watching you all night and I think you should model.

Me: Oh thank you sir that is very nice of you.

Man: No that’s not a compliment.

(I’m slightly taken aback by this.)

Me: Oh I’m sorry l thought that’s what you were meaning it to be.

Man: No it’s not a compliment it’s just a part of this world.

Me: Well have a good night sir.

Man: Stop taking it as a compliment. It’s not a compliment! Its a fact of this world.

(I end up just going back inside still confused as to what just happened.)