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Unfiltered | April 23, 2017

( Ilm in the checkout line purchasing some 2 Liters of soda. It is also crucial that I’m 14, which is the age that this store starts hiring at)

Checkout Person: Is that all you needed?

Me: Yes it is, thank you.

Checkout Person: How old are you?

Me( confused) umm… 14. Why is that?

Checkout Person: That’s the age we hire, and I was saying you should work here.

Me: I’m not working on getting a job right now. But thanks anyway!

Checkout Person: Why not? You won’t do anything with your life anyways.

Me: (speechless. Mainly because the manager is right behind her.)

Manager: I think that’s enough from you,  [Checkout Person’s name].

Checkout Person: [slinks away in shame]

(For the inconvenience, the manager paid for one of the 2-Liters!)

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