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(I work in a store with a few different departments, and I do not work in the electronics/tech department. But if associates are busy with customers, and we hear that their phone has been ringing, we usually pick up their phones for them to help the customers in any way that we can. I get a lot of customers who usually don’t want me to help, I think because I’m a girl.)

Me: Computers, *name* speaking, how can I help you?

Customer: Uhh… I uh…. I wanted to talk to someone in computers.

Me: Yes, you called the right department, what can I help you with?

Customer: Uh… (he laughs nervously) Um… Well I wanted to talk to someone in computers.

Me: Ok great, so what can I help you with?

Customer: Uhh… (laughs again) Can I just talk to someone in computers?

Me: (Sighing) They are all busy with customers right now. But I might be able to help you. What’s the problem?

Customer: Well it’s a problem with my computer.

Me: Ok, what is it?

Customer: Uh…. (laughs nervously again)

Me: Do you want to ask your question? I might know the answer.

Customer: Ok…. uh…. well…. I had my computer in to be fixed, because there was something wrong with the keyboard, but when they gave it back to me, there was something wrong with the hard drive. And so I want to like, reset it all. But I don’t want it to erease my operating system, but I don’t know how to do that.

Me: Ok, have you made recovery discs?

Customer: uhh…. (laughs nervously AGAIN) Well I don’t really know how to do that, and I wanted someone in computers to walk me through it.

Me: Fine. I’ll take your name and number and someone can call you when they’re free, how’s that?

Customer: Ok. (he gives me his number)

Me: And your name?

Customer: (the two names I am about to use have been changed) Brad.

Me: Ok, great. Brad.

Customer: But Tom will answer the phone, probably.

Me: That’s ok… We can just ask to talk to Brad.

Customer: Oh…. ok.