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Unfiltered | April 7, 2017

I work in a video game store in a small european country. We have a lot of regulars and this specific store is known for being laid-back and easy going. I am the only person at work at the time, and female.

Customer: “Hi. So, that [brand of virtual life) game, do you have that?”

Me: “We do, it is right down here *I show the customer to the right shelf* Is it a specific one you are looking for or just browsing?”

Customer: “I don’t know anything about it, we don’t have any already”

Me: “Okay, in that case you want the basic game. All the others are add-ons and cannot be played without the base game” *I take it down and shows it to him*

Customer: “Why is it so expensive? She said it was like 20$ or something”

Me: “I am afraid I don’t know. Some of the games are that price, but they are add-ons, with limited content, hence the price. And they are useless without the more expensive base game”

Customer: “That is so fucking stupid, why did she say that?”

*At this point I tell him I will give him time to consider and walk away. The customer comes up and throws the base game on the counter a few minutes later. Figuring that it is for his daughter, who might have seen a commercial or misheard the price, I try to lighten the mood with a joke*

Me: “Alright, well you will just have to make her do some chores for the extra money”

Customer: “She won’t, it’s the same with all those f****** b******, they are all f****** lazy, sitting on their fat a** all day” *he continues ranting about b****** all through the purchase and all the way out the store. All I can say is, wrong audience dude*