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Unfiltered | April 4, 2017

(This story happened to a coworker not personally myself. I work at a pumpkin patch during the month of October and we also have a corn maze which is two dollars per person and there is a family/group discount. We also, to make sure people pay, have someone posted at the entrance either collecting money or tickets. A lady comes up to my coworker and asked the following question after trying to walk through the corn maze and my coworker stopping her and telling her that her total is seven dollars)

Lady: when did you start charging for the corn maze?

Coworker: (Knowing we have always been charging for the corn maze but not wanting to make things difficult.) For the past couple years.

Lady: Well I’ve never paid for the corn maze. And I just bought $50 worth of pumpkins so I should get to go in for free!

(After contradicting and bickering with my coworker for a few more minutes she storms off and goes to our manager who is super busy since it is the weekend. The following conversation happens between my manager and the lady.)

Lady: When did you start charging for the corn maze?!? I have never paid!

Manager: (my manager being witty and already annoyed with the lady because she saw her bickering with my coworker) We have always been charging so that means you’ve been stealing from us and entering without paying. Also in the last couple years it is been an honor system with a huge sign posted up that says two dollars per person and we didn’t have a family discount last year or the years before so actually you’re paying less for the amount of people you’re taking in the maze.

(The lady is been so difficult my manager decides to just charge her five dollars and let it go) (The lady goes back over to my coworker to get to the entrance)

Lady: [managers name] only charged me $5 so you were wrong. (Even after my manager had told her that she was charging her less because she just bought a bunch of pumpkins) (The lady enters the corn maze and I, having been watching the whole thing, walk over to my coworker and ask her what the hell just happened?)

Coworker: I have no clue but it was so weird she just kept arguing.

(Even though she was wrong she got to go into the corn maze for cheaper because she acted like a b****) (After talking with my coworker for a few minutes about the situation I walk over to my manager)

Me: What was her deal?

Manager: I have no clue but she was crazy, and she definitely didn’t buy a bunch of pumpkins I was the one that helped her.