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Unfiltered | April 2, 2017

(I had just gotten off of my thirty minute break, when my coworker asks me to hand food to a customer through the drive thru window. I then proceed to stock the sauces right next to the window.) Customer:*honked car horn and waving her hand at me* This burger is lettuce wrapped and all wrong.

(I look up at the screen to make sure, and it is indeed wrong.)

Me: I’m so sorry I’ll have them make you another. *to coworker* she said the sandwich wasn’t made right.

(The cook makes a new sandwich and my coworker hands it to the customer. A few seconds later.)

Me: *looks up to see same customer inside of the dining room* (May I add that this lady looks like a disaster.)

Customer: Can I talk to your manager.

Me: My pleasure. (Goes to get shift leader, as she’s the one in charge.)

Customer: *She going on about her poorly made sandwich.* …These girls have given me nothing but attitude and nasty looks and I kept honking at the window but all they would do was ignore me!

(At this point I look up and give her a very confused look, she then storms out with her new sandwich.)

Me: *to shiftleader* I promise I didn’t give her any dirty looks I barely talked to her..and I only heard her honk once!

Shiftleader: Yeah I know that lady always comes in and complains about something. She’s a b**** it’s all good.

(My shiftleader is amazing and I love her. I’m nothing but kind even if I’m getting yelled at.)

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