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Unfiltered | March 31, 2017

(My mom and I were at the mall when we see a veteran looking for shirts and we start talking to him)

Me: “I like your hat”

Him: *starts a story about how veterans are treated* (My mom and I go after awhile and go to checkout and my mom sees him coming)

Mom: see that man right there? I would like to pay for him

Cashier: *very confused but rings up his purchases with ours without him noticing and quietly thanks my mom*

Mom: *pats the man on the back and her and I go to a different section*

Me: he’s coming

Him: *walks up to us* you didn’t have to do that

Mom: it was no big deal

Him: I donate to an animal shelter all the time. Next time I donate I will donate extra because of what you guys did for me. Thank you very much