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I used to work in a town where a fairly famous movie star lived; all the locals treated him pretty much like a regular person, and he appreciated being able to go around without being approached every five minutes. He was always gracious if someone did happen to stop him for a photo or autograph, and it was usually obvious they weren’t locals. I am just ringing up his purchase when the customer behind him realises who he is.

Customer to her friend: Oh look! It’s <different, less well-known actor>!

Friend: Oh yeah! Hey! Are you <other actor>?

Star (grinning): Nope.

Customer: You are! You’re <other actor>!

Star: Nope. Right profession, wrong person.

Friend: You ARE <different actor>!

Star: Nope.

Customer: Can we have your autograph?

Star: Sure.

(he posed for photos with both girls, and signed autographs for them both. Meanwhile, I have finished his transaction and handed him his change.)

Friend: Thanks so much <other actor>!

Star: You’re welcome.

Customer, examining autograph: Uh… you’re not <other actor>, are you.

Star: Nope. (still grinning, he leaves the shop and walks off.)

Friend: Wait a minute… Oh. My. God. He’s <STAR>!

Both girls scream loudly and run out of the shop. Five minutes later they were still running up and down the street screaming and crying and asking if anyone had seen him. Unsurprisingly, nobody would point them in the right direction!