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Unfiltered | March 10, 2017

(I work at a craft store and am on register. I speak with an accent, which tends to result in a lot of rude customers. A woman approaches the counter and slams a Starbucks cup and a ton of yarn down on it)

Me: Hi do you have a rewa—

Customer: This is supposed to be 6.99. I want two more of this color

(She continues to shout about her purchase, leaves the line to go get more yarn with a huge line forming behind her, comes back still shouting)

Customer: How many have you rung up!?

Me: 6

Her: There’s supposed to be eight!

Me: I didn’t know if you wanted ten or eight skeins as you had eight here and went for two more.

Her: I want these.

Me: And not also the other two on the counter?

Her: No!

Me: (rings her up and gives her the allowed 1 coupon per customer) That will be (total)

Her: Can’t you take the change off and make it an even number? I don’t want to pay that.

Me: (getting confused) I…am not allowed, the register physically will not.

Her: Nevermind, where’s my rewards points.

Me: You didn’t provide a card or phone number when asked, you will have to take it to customer service.

Her: Oh what? I don’t look like I have a rewards card. That’s racist. Dumb Russian bitch.

(At this point I have asked for and been given the rewards card of the next customer, a gentlemen of the exact same race who listened to questions before starting to shout.)