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Unfiltered | March 9, 2017

I went to a local pharmacy where they have the dispensary and self medication sections which are seperate. So I needed to go to the self medication line which isn’t a defined line unlike the dispensary line however there were two people in front of me one behind the other by the counter so I stepped up behind them believing this to be the line. To my left I notice a woman hanging around looking at products. I assumed she was with one of the customers ahead of me, until suddenly she just yelled at me…

Woman: “THAT’S MY SPOT!”

Me: “Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were in the line”

She then continually kept turning around and giving me the evil eye. I was so scared!

Finally she stepped up to the counter and the pharmacist asked her what she needed. She asked for some medication which comes in liquid form or as an effervescent.

Pharmacist: “Which one, the liquid or the effervescent?”

Woman (in the most disgusted, how dare you question me you stupid idiot voice): “NO, THE ONE THAT DISSOLVES IN WATER!”

He gets what she needs, thanks her and she storms off.

I looked at the pharmacist and I could see he was trying his best to contain his laugh.

Me: “Wow! You gotta love Walmart People!”

The pharmacist then just burst out laughing.

Pharmacist: “You’d be surprised how many of them I have to deal with in one day!”