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Unfiltered | March 6, 2017

(I am working the service desk. We have a coupon for three brands of yogurt. The coupon is only for these three brands and on their single yogurts. So packs of four and over are not applicable. A customer comes up with a four pack of yogurt.)

Customer: Do I need to get four individual ones in order to get the discount or can I get the discount on this?

Me: Uh…Ma’am, we can’t do that.

Customer: Well the girl last time did it for me!

Me: I understand that, ma’am, but we can’t do that. We’d lose money.

Customer: Is it cheaper to get the singles or this?

Me: The singles.

Customer: So why can’t I get the deal on this? I don’t want to go back and get singles!

Me: Because we can’t allow that ma’am.

Customer: I want to see your manager!

(I call over my manager who is a pretty awesome guy and doesn’t tend to bend over to customers easily or often.)

Customer: I’m not happy with this girl at all! She won’t give me the deal on this! The last girl said it was no big deal!

(My manager explains why we can’t do this. Essentially, it boils down to that we’d lose money.)

Customer: Well I don’t get the big deal!

Manager: *sighs* Yeah, I suppose we can give it to you.

(I’m internally screaming and sighing by then, and a little ready to cry because most, if not all, of my customers like me and I don’t take negativity that well. I gave her the deal. She was complaining about a piddly few cents.)