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Unfiltered | March 5, 2017

It’s the iPhone 6 launch day and of course the phones are ringing off the hook and I’m struggling as it is with the volume of customers. I get the following phone call.

Customer: *Very quiet and sounds distant* Hi, I was just wondering if …

Me: I’m sorry sir it’s very hard to hear you.

Customer: *Speaks very slightly louder* Yes I was wondering if … (I still couldn’t hear him)

Me: Sir I still can barely hear you. Can you call back-

Customer: *Not much louder* How about now?

Me: *Sigh* Sir I still can’t hear you well enough.

Customer: …Ok great. So I was just wondering if …

I couldn’t understand him. I just pretended to listen and assumed he wanted an iPhone 6 and said we were out of iPhone 6’s, because we were.

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