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(The customer has five young girls with her, all thirteen or younger.)

Customer: “May I have seven tickets to see Evil Dead?”

Me: “The movie is rated R, may I ask how they are related to you?”

Customer: “Well these two are mine and these two here belong to her and she is going.”

Me: “And her?” *motioning towards the one not accounted for*

Customer: “Her mom dropped her off with us. I will be watching her.”

Me: “I can see you tickets for all about the last girl. Since she is under 17, a parent or guardian had to attend with her.”

Customer: “Well I am her mom, then.”

Me: “You just told me her mom dropped her off.”

(The customer gets upset and walks off, she gets in a different Ticket line and tries to buy tickets from the girl beside me.)

Customer: “May I have seven tickets for Evil Dead?”

Other Ticket Girl: “May I ask how you are all related?”

(Customer does same thing, expects starts by claiming the last girl.)

Other Ticket Girl: “You already told her—” *pointing to me* “—that her mom dropped her off. We can sell you tickets for a movie that not rated R, but you cannot take that girl in with you.”

(Customer walks off to the side and gets on her phone.)

(Fifteen minutes later, a woman parks directly in the fire lane and marches up to window.)

Woman: “I am her mom.” *pointing to the last girl* “Can I have one ticket please?”

Me: “Will you be going with her?”

Woman: “No, I don’t want to see this movie. She is going with the rest of them.”

Me: “I am sorry but since the movie is rated R, and she is under 17, she has to go with a parent or guardian.”

(The woman/mom marches back to the car, then sits in the driver seat with the door open. The box office phone rings.)

Caller: *a woman* “May I speak to a manager please?”

Me: “No problem. Let me put you on hold and I will get one.”

(I put the customer on hold and radio for a manager. I look up to the woman in the van and notice she has her cell phone up to her head like she is on a call. The manager comes to the box to take the call.)

Me: “I am sure that the woman out there in the fire lane is the one on the phone.”

(I explain everything that happened and the manager takes the call. The entire group of people come out to the lobby. We have a glass box office so I can see everything. My manager bring in a CC and rings up seven tickets for Evil Dead and then tears them and directs them to their movie… the Mom walks off.)