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(Let me start off by explaining that I am agendered, meaning I classify as being neither male nor female. As such, I happily go by a somewhat strange non-gender specific nickname. There is a story of how I got it, however it’s kind of personal, and a little stupid, so I prefer not to tell customers when they ask about it. My nickname very much sounds like a children’s cartoon characters name…just fyi)

Customer: *pointing at my name tag* “Hmmmm, is that really your name?”

Me: “Well, it’s what I go by, so it’s real enough I guess.”

Customer: *laughs* “Oh that’s so interesting, my daughter and I were just watching (cartoon) last night. Was that your favorite show growing up or something?”

Me: “Actually ma’am, I wasn’t aware of that show until a few years ago.”

Customer: “But you have a similar name, how could you not have seen it?”

Me: “I wasn’t too big into cartoons as a kid. I was that weird one on the playground reading a dictionary.”


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