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Unfiltered | February 26, 2017

(I was working at [mens suit store] when a customer came in with his son. Mind you they were both wearing matching sports jump suits.)

Me: Hello Sir, welcome to [Mens Suit Store].

Customer: Hi there, I’m just browsing.

Me: Well lucky for you we don’t charge for that. My name is [My Name], just let me know if you need any assistance.

(He browses for about 5 minutes before coming up to me.)

Customer: I have four suits at home that no longer fit, I would like to return them.

Me: No problem Sir, when did you purchase these suits?

Customer: About 7 years ago.

Me: Ah, I’m sorry sir, but our return policy is 90 days.

Customer: This outrageous, I paid good money for those suits.

(At this point my manager steps in.)

Manager: We can’t accept ypur return, but we can offer you 50% off.

Customer: You guys are f****** cheapskates.

(As the customer storms out of the store his son, who looks to be about three years old speaks up.)

Customer’s Son: f****** cheesecakes!

Customer: You tell ’em son!

(All the employees start laughing)