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Unfiltered | February 24, 2017

Most people think drive thrus are set off by the weight of the vehicle, but it’s actually a coil of wire in the ground that creates a magnetic field.

So one time at a restaurant I worked at, I was bringing some garbage bags out the back door.

As I opened the door I see about 7 teenage kids jumping up and down at the drive thru speaker.

Kid: “Yo! Can we order? We’ve been trying this for like a minute but it’s not working!”

Me: “Ya, that’s not going to work, and we can’t serve you in drive thru with out a vehicle.”

Kid: “Aw, ok”

They don’t leave, but I go and throw out the garbage in the dumpster, and on my way back, I see them still there, but all crouched and lined up as if they were in an invisible car.

Kid: “How about now?”

Me: (annoyed)”…the dining room is still open you know.”

Kid: “Okay, fine…”

I went back inside, they never came into the store.