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Unfiltered | February 22, 2017

I’m a girl shopping for a merino sweater at a well-known retail store. They sell them for half the price they usually cost elsewhere. I find some sweaters in the men’s clearance section. One of them fits great. It has even a discount sticker firmly stuck onto the price tag!

This conversation happens at the checkout.

Cashier: ‘That will be [price].’

Me: *while paying* ‘You know, a merino sweater for this price – it’s just a steal!’

Cashier: ‘Oh? Oh well it was actually not discounted. But I’ll do you a favour, it is the last one!’

Dumbfounded, I thanked her (for nothing) and left the store. It wasn’t the last sweater, it was clearly discounted, and even without the discount, it still would have been a steal!

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