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Unfiltered | February 20, 2017

(I was working as customer support for a German phone company, already late shift) Me : Good evening. My name is [Name]. With what can I help?

Customer (a mid 30 lady, from her tone and voice,very irritated) : Well, hello, my name is [Name] and your s*** company does not provide internet for my phone!

Me : Well, let me check first your zone if their are other reports of bad internet connection.

(She gives me name, address, phone nr.)

Me : Well, it appears that there is everything all right in your region, so let’s check the settings from your phone!First starting with the Phone Model.

(Irritated she tells me all the data, constant bumbling about our stupid company) Me : Could you tell me if you are getting any error, or anything?

Customer : You listen very closely, either you do my internet work, or you can quit, because I have people, you know!

( I try to ignore the part in which she is threatening me and try to proceed with the settings verification. As I go with her in all the possible settings,from manual IP configuration (call duration, already at 40 min) I constant question her if anything has changed or if she gets some error, the answer was always no, nothing works, of course in a very irritating tone.)

Customer : It’s already an hour passed since we talk, and the internet still does not work! Now please admit that your company s****.

Me : (Already irritated at maximum, I raise my voice and ask her again) Mam, is there no error nothing which you receive on the phone, nothing at all? I find that very curious and I sincerely doubt it.

Customer : Are you also making me a liar? You are sooo gonna regret this conversation.

Me : Please stop with the threatening, because in fact, I know where you live, your bank account,your full name, and your phone number, you know nothing about me. Please understand that I do my job, and I am here to help you, so I ask once and that last one, do you receive any error?

Customer (pretty shattered about my outbreak) : Well, actually I do receive one, but just when I started the phone.

Me : O yeah, what says the error ?

Customer : Please insert SIM.

Me (my face dropped) : ….Mam, you know, that in order the internet to work, it is also necessary to insert a SIM with an valid contract with Internet?

Customer (instant the most sugar woman) : Oh, OH, hihi, well I guess I am pretty stupid.

Me : It was not me which said that.

(hangs up)