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Unfiltered | February 17, 2017

(This took place at 1am on Labor Day weekend. My work only has 3 people on shift during the evening hours. We had about 12 customers in line.)

Customer: “Yeah can I get 10 [burger name]?”

Me: “Yes sir.” *rings him up and tells him to pull forward in the drive thru*

(At this point we had a full front, and full drive-thru, and he was first in line. We had one person making everything)

Customer: *screams at the top of his lungs from his car* “HELLO IS ANYONE FUCKING THERE? HELLOOOOOOOOO. HELLOOOOOOO!”

Me: “Sir, we are trying as fast as we can, there are a lot of other customers. It’ll be out in a moment.”

*finally gives him the food and he drives off*

Customer 2: *pulls up the window after the first guy* “That guy was a dick. Fuck the customer. They’re always wrong.”

That guy made my night.