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Unfiltered | February 5, 2017

(The store I work at uses an outdated and unreliable point of sale system, and on this particular evening, the entire system went offline save for a few registers. On top of that, I’m closing my department alone so I can’t leave the department. I can still ring up items, but I have to know the exact sale price for the item. An asian woman who doesn’t seem very fluent in english come sup to my register with a lot of dresses.)

Customer: Can you check the price? All other registers closed!

Me: I’m sorry, miss, my registers are all offline, too. I can’t look up the prices.

Customer: Oh, okay! So i can pay here?

Me: No, miss, I’m sorry, but I can’t ring up the items, because I can’t get the prices of these items. My registers are offline.

Customer: Oh. So can you check price?

Me: *trying to speak simpler, to help her understand* Miss, these are from dresses. I don’t know what price these are, and my register doesn’t either. I can’t sell these items to you because I don’t know how much to charge you.

Customer: Ooooh! I get it! So I can pay here?

Me: …

(This happened several more times with several different customers, including the ones who COULD understand me!)