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(I work at the Customer Service desk at a large grocery store chain. One of my duties is dealing with Lottery. An elderly gentlemen steps up and hands me his Lottery ticket.)

Customer: Please check this ticket.

Me: Of course sir.

(I run it through the machine. It alerts that it’s a winning ticket and prints out another ticket advising the customer he must go to a Lottery center to redeem it.)

Me: It’s a winner, sir. But since it’s over $599, I can’t cash it for you here.

Customer: Why not?

Me: We can not cash tickets over $599.

Customer: Well how much did I win?

Me: I don’t know. Because it’s over the limit you have to take it to a state Lotto center.

Customer: Just cash it!

Me: I’m sorry sir, but I can’t. If you call the number right here on the ticket, they’ll explain how to redeem it and where to go.

Customer: You call them!

Me: I can’t. It’s your ticket sir.

(A line has begun to form behind the customer)

Customer: Where’s your manager!?

(My manager is next to me helping another customer)

Manager: He’s right, sir. There’s nothing else we can do.

Customer: Well where the **** do I go?

Next customer in line: It’s in *****.

Customer: I’m not driving all the way there!

Me: That’s the only way you’ll be able to redeem your ticket, sir.

Customer: This is bullsh*t! I’m calling corporate headquarters!

(He storms off. The next customer in line, a middle-aged woman, steps up)

Next customer: Dick.