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Unfiltered | January 29, 2017

(I work in a clothing store in the mall. The mall closes at 9 with an announcement 10 and 5 minutes before closing as well as at 9. Unfortunately we are not allowed to bring the gate half way down or inform any of our shoppers that we are closing like the other stores in the mall do. It is now 9:22 and I have just finished checking out the last of 3 women who were in my store.)

The three women continue standing next to a 4 way (touching but not really looking) as they talk. They are literally 5 feet from the door. I stand next to the door with the pole to grab the gate down as soon as they leave. Just as they start to walk out I hear “OH look! They’re still open!” as two girls and their mom run into my store.

Me: Great.
Coworker: Well maybe if we make a big show of taking the garbage out back they will leave?
Me: Ok. I’ll go over there and talk to them. Maybe they will get annoyed and leave.

*I go over to them and tell them the sales and ask how their night is and what plans they have. Mentioning that they are out quite late and such. I start fixing things that they have messed up as I do not want to have to stay even longer after they finally decide they are done.*

Girl 1: Go on then! Ask her.

Girl 2: I dont want to you do it!

Girl 1: Ok. *comes up to me* Excuse me. What time do you close?

Me *thinking this is perfect, puts on a big smile* We CLOSED at 9.

Girl 1: Oh ok.

*She then runs over to her mom and tells her that we are closed. After another 10 minutes her and her daughters come up to the register. But after a quick count they realize that they only have 3 items and our sale is buy one get one 50% off. They then spend the next 20 minutes picking out 7 more items.*

We didnt get out till nearly 11 pm.