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(I am a cashier at a well-known second-hand store, and I have never seen these customers before. They approach my register with concerned expressions on their faces.)

Me: Hi, how are you tonight?

Customer 1 (with heavy accent): Miss, where’s that book?

Me: Umm, which book, ma’am?

Customer: The bichon book. I want a bichon dog.

Me: I’m not sure, I haven’t seen it.

Customer: So you don’t know where my book is?

Me: No, I don’t.

Customer 2 (shows me a book of BBQ recipes): Miss, would you buy this book?

Me: Umm, I don’t barbecue anything, but if I did, I guess it would be a good book…

Customer 2: you don’t barbecue, Miss?

Me: No, I don’t.

(All the while, I am wrapping their breakable in newspaper)

Customer 1 (moving an item aside): Miss, I don’t want this one.

Me (moving the same item): Okay, no problem.

Customer 1: Miss, I don’t want this one!

Me (getting frustrated but staying courteous): I know, that is why I moved it aside.

Customer 2: Miss, have you seen her book?

Me (a bit agitated): No, I haven’t.

Customer 1: sorry to bother you, Miss.

Me: You’re not bothering me; I just haven’t seen your book!

(A coworker who has been out on the floor walks by)

Me: Hey ****, have you seen their book?

Coworker: which book?

Me: The bichon book.

(He had not seen it, and they proceed to stay at my register for another 15 minutes, asking a half dozen more times if I have seen their book.)

(Finally, after they leave, I throw my hands up and sigh. My manager looks at me and says I look frazzled and should take a break.

On my way to the back for my break, I found their book on the floor. The next day, there is a photocopy of the book cover in the memo binder with a memo saying that the same customers called the next morning, looking for “the Bichon book.”

They still come in every so often, and are always a pain, asking the same question over and over.)