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Unfiltered | January 25, 2017

(We are at the supermarket and my son wants to buy a game. He has saved up his money for a long time now.We are at checkout and the customer in front of us is stalling the line)

Cashier: Your total is $132.97.

Customer #1:Really?

Cashier: Yes sir.

(He starts to put stuff back and my son hears the whole thing.)

Customer #2: Hurry up,buddy!

Cashier: Be patient, sir.

Son: (to Customer #1)Here.

Customer #2 Don’t give your money to this poor b****

Son: Mind your own buisness, and besides he dresses better than you!

(Customer #2 turns red.)

Son: Take my money,sir.

Customer #1: Thank you so much!

Son: You’re welcome.

(My son takes the game out of the cart and puts it back. Next week on his birthday we went back to the store and the same customer was there. When he saw my son, he instantly recongnized him. The customer told my son that he could get another game and he was going to pay for it. Now my son is 16 and he loves to hear the story of when he helped someone in need.)

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