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Unfiltered | January 19, 2017

My Mum and I have gone to the returns desk get store credit on a gift. As we arrive, a woman is throwing a tantrum over the fact that she can’t return a bathing suit that she’s already worn. It should be noted that my mother is normally a polite woman, but has quite a temper.

Cashier: Madam, I am sorry but it states on the policy and on the sticker that once you remove the underwear lining, you can’t return the item.

Customer: But I brought my receipt! You have to return it!

Cashier: I’m sorry, but this item hasn’t got its tags, there is no actual defect with the product, and it has been worn. I simply can’t make the return.

Customer: Why the f*** not?

Mum: Because for all they know, you’ve got a yeast infection down there or something worse.

She makes a big show of looking the customer up and down.

Mum: By the looks of you, I’d say ‘something worse’.

For a moment the customer looks like she’s about to hit Mum, but instead snatches the swimsuit from the counter and stalks off, screaming “f****** b*****”.

Cashier: Thank you so much!

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