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Unfiltered | January 17, 2017

(I’m out shopping with my parents at a well-known big box store that had a rather well publicized data breach, in which the information of customers who had a branded debit card from the store was stolen. My parents had such a card and cancelled it.)

Cashier: Do you have a [Store] card you’d like to use today?

Dad: No.

Cashier: Would you like to sign up for one, sir?

Dad: Well, we had one, but we had to cancel it after that big data breach.

Cashier: Oh, that’s too bad.

Dad: We just don’t trust you guys anymore!

Me: Dad!

Mom: *facepalm*

Cashier: Well, you must trust us at least a little bit! You’re here right now, aren’t you?

(At least the cashier had a sense of humor about it.)