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Unfiltered | January 14, 2017

(I get a call on our non-emergency line about a stolen vehicle. To ensure that it’s not the system as towed, I run the license plate.)

Me: Okay, sir, it looks like your vehicle was towed by [Tow Company]. Did you need their phone number?

Caller: Yes, please.

Me: It’s [phone number.]

Caller: *repeats number, but pauses halfway through*

(I give the number to him again. It ends in three 4’s, and after saying it three times, I come to realize this is posing him a problem.)

Me: *repeats the number for fourth and fifth time, pausing between each number*

Caller: Okay. Thank you. *hangs up*

(About twenty minutes later, I answer another call on the non-emergency line.)

Caller: Hi. I called earlier about my car being stolen, but they said it was towed. The person I spoke with gave me the phone number to [Tow Company] but I didn’t get the whole thing.

(Somehow, I wasn’t surprised.)


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