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I was ringing up customers at my cafe when a customer who had been sitting outside, a middle-aged Asian man, came in and walked up to me.

Customer: (turning around and showing me the back of his shirt:) “The chair outside snagged my shirt and made a big tear in it!”

Me: “Oh, wow, I’m sorry…which chair was it, was it the wood bench?”

Customer: “No, it was one of the metal ones”

Me: (trying to be helpful) “Well, is it broken?”

Customer: “No”

Me:( Not really sure what else to say) “Well, I’m sorry about that. It happens…”

Customer: ” Is that it?”

Me: “…….”

Customer: “Do I get compensation??”

Me: (taken aback a little by his bold demand, I saw my manager walking by and called him over. He went to talk to him and look at the chair-which was perfectly fine- and he told me he ended up giving him a free $8 pastry ring, to which he responded, “That’s it? This shirt cost me like $70 dollars!” My manager did not find the customer entitled to $70 worth of free food for something that is not our responsibility, so he just turned and walked away.

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