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Unfiltered | January 10, 2017

(I work at a well known retail store, its near closing time and I’m on a till cleaning up before cashing off, a gentleman came over to my till with his son. he pulled out an iron from his bag, plonked it on the counter)

Customer: I’d like to give you this iron in exchange for my son.

me: pardon?

Customer: yea! he can cook…

me: thats very nice of you but-

customer: he can clean, hoover, do the ironing…

me: yes but-

customer: he’s a very talented artist, he can sing, play the guitar…..

(He then continues to ramble on all the while not letting me get a word in edgeways, his son had his head in his hands muttering to his dad to stop)

customer: aaaaand hes also great in bed! so, what do you say? fancy going on a date with my handsome son?

me: ………. I have a boyfriend.