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Unfiltered | January 9, 2017

(During breakfast, our busiest hours, I have to ask a woman to repeat her order. She does and pulls around to the window.)

Customer: I was wondering if I could change my Sprite for an orange juice?

Me: [Manager], I need you to adjust this order!

(This somehow offends the customer who complains to her friend.)

Manager: Is something wrong?

Customer: I was just saying how rude that white girl is, being rude and sucking on her teeth.

Manager: Okay, I’ll make sure to talk to her.

(After the customer leaves)

Me: What the ****? I’m sorry I didn’t bow down and beg her forgiveness, but there was four cars behind her! And what does sucking on teeth even mean?

Manager: I don’t know, sucking air in through your teeth? I don’t think she had a problem with your service so much as that you’re white.

Me: Really? So that’s why the only person they’ve spoken to is ‘the white girl’ rather than ‘the girl over there’? What’s her problem?

(Pretty much we share bafflement at this woman’s attitude, and when she comes in later to complain to the General Manager, I roll my eyes. After she leaves the General Manager, a black woman herself, starts walking toward me with a write-up sheet.)

Me: (Without looking away from the ordering screen) She’s racist, [General Manager]!

General Manager: (Pauses, turns around and walks away. I was not written up.)