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(Our store was holding a silent auction to raise money for a local charity, and I donated one of my books as a prize. This is the interaction between me and the woman who won my book in the auction)

Customer: (In a rude, annoyed tone) Yeah, people keep calling me, saying that I won something in some auction! They keep telling me to come pay for it!

Me: Yes, we just keep calling because the charity drive is over soon, and we need to have the payment before the drive ends, so it can actually go to the charity this year.

Customer: I don’t even remember bidding in any auction! This is ridiculous!

Me: It was a silent auction… There was a table over there for about a month… Here, this is what you won, it’s this book.

Customer: (now even more annoyed) What!? Are you serious!? A book!?

Me: Yes. (I hand it to her)

Customer: Ugh, what’s it even about?

Me: It’s about aliens who —

Customer: (Interrupting) Are you kidding me!?

Me: Um no. I wrote it, actually.

Customer: (COMPLETELY changing her tone) You wrote it!? Wow!

Me: yeah. It’s written for teenagers, but —

Customer: (interrupting again, and annoyed again) Are you serious!? Teenagers!?

Me: Yes, but a lot of adults like to read teen books; they’re quite popular. But you could always give it away to someone as a gift, Like a teenage girl who you think might like it.

Customer: Well I don’t even remember bidding on any book! I mean, where does it even say that’s what I was bidding on!?

Me: Um, well, there was a big number 9 on the book, and the sheet you wrote your info down on, also had a big number 9 on it…. Do you not remember bidding at all? Because I see your name on a lot of these sheets.

Customer: Well I don’t know!

Me: Well the book is yours. Give it to someone if you don’t want to read it.

(She randomly turned super nice after that, and payed willingly, and then continued to talk nicely to me about areas of the store. I think she felt bad for judging my book! ha)

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