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Unfiltered | January 4, 2017

(I work for a pretty cool store that sells merchandise from all over the world, and they are pretty chill about a lot of things including appearance. At the time this happened I had green shoulder-length hair, a hoop in my nose and had just gotten my labret. I was also wearing capris, showing my pretty noticeable tattoo. In addition I do some pretty funky makeup and the look I did for this day was kind of darkish, with dark purple being the main color. The customer in question comes up to me really snootily, so I already know this is going to end badly.)

Customer: You know, you’ll never get a boyfriend looking like that. You should really try to appear more normal.

Me: Well, ma’am, I don’t really think I need to change how I look as I don’t believe my girlfriend would appreciate me getting a boyfriend.

The customer then stomped off in a huff.

My manager who was only a few feet away during this looks up.

Manager: “Wait…you have a girlfriend?”