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(I’m an employee working the Christmas Tree Lot on the weekend, where we help people select trees, then package them up and tie them to the customer’s cars. I’m very nervous talking to people because I’m socially awkward enough as it is, let alone in a section of the job I’ve never done before, which is even more harrowing. There is a family with about 4 daughters and another relative or friend, waiting as their Mom and Dad are bickering, unable to decide on a tree for several minutes.)

Me: “Hello, there. Any chance I can help you try to find [a tree] you like?”

The Mom: “Certainly! Can you pull this tree out for me?” (Under her breath) “Sorry we’re taking so long; My husband’s being entirely uncooperative.”

(The husband, struggling with another tree, definitely heard her, and their nettling of each other continues back and forth, but thankfully I’m not dragged into it directly.)

Me, as polite as possible before going near silent: “It’s no problem, at all. I can do this all day.”

(The husband and I proceed to pull out trees for the next 5 minutes straight, before finally narrowing it down to two, one that she had me pull out and one that she allowed the husband to pick.)

The Mom, still indecisive: “Oh, I still can’t quite decide. Kids, which one do you think?”

Daughters, tired: “I like the one daddy has! Can we go now?”

The Mom: “Really?” *sigh* “Fine, we’ll take the Charlie Brown Tree.”

(It is at this point that myself, the husband, several customers, and even the mom start laughing in various degrees.)

Me: “Please, just take this half of the slip inside to pay for it, and I’ll take this half and the tree over to get wrapped for you. How should we sign it for you guys?”

(Somewhat indecisive, they talk to each other for a bit.)

Me: “I could put it under “Charlie Brown Tree”, if you want?” (actively fighting back laughter)

The Husband: “That’s just perfect.”

Me: “Oh, I’m so putting this online.”

(It was so much easier from there to break the ice with other customers worried about us lifting heavy trees or about the time they were spending picking trees out; I could freely tell them about ‘the Charlie Brown tree’ for an immediate laugh.)