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(The store I work at has a rewards program where they earn points/cash for shopping there. These points are redeemed to get discounts on their purchase. We are only able to look their account up with phone number, email, or their rewards card)

Me: *rings items, hits total* “can I have your phone number please?

Customer: “look it up with my last name”

Me: “I’m sorry, I can’t look it up that way”

Customer: “yes you can”

Me: “no I can’t”

Customer: “yes you can I do it all the time”

Me: “ma’am I’m sorry we only look it up with phone number, email or rewards-”

(She cuts me off)

Customer: “you’re being really rude and ignorant, what’s your name I’m reporting you to a manager!”

Me: “my name is [name] and actually my manager is right there”

Manager: “what’s wrong?”

Me: “she wants me to look up her rewards with her last name and I told her we can’t”

Manager: “yeah we don’t look it up that way”

Customer: “yes you do! I’ve always had it looked up that way to buy Christmas gifts for my son! But she’s (me) being very rude and b*tchy to me!”

Me: “I apologize if I came off that way, I didn’t mean it whatsoever, can I try to look up an email for you?”

Customer: “no I don’t even care anymore I just want my stuff and to get out of here”

Me: “do you get emails from us? your rewards number might be listed on the email”

Customer: “I don’t even HAVE an email!”

Me: “in order to be in our rewards you would have to have an email so I apologize but you’re probably confusing us with a different store”

(At this point she had paid and I had to go to another department to relieve another cashier for a break, while this cashier was on break my manager comes over to talk to me about the customer)

Me: “so what did she say after I left?”

Manager: “that you were just rude, but she was retarded anyways”