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It is the Saturday before Christmas and the line is very long. I have been working for several hours with out a chance to catch my breath due to so many customers shopping. A father and his son walk up and plop two PS4 Controllers on the counter.

Me: *Scans them in* Did you find everything okay?

The Father: Yeah, your sales man said these were twenty dollars off so they should be twenty-five not forty-five.

Me: *Looks at my register and sees it is 44.99 with the twenty dollars taken off * Sir they are twenty off, that is why they are forty-five.

The Son: Well that sounds more right…

The Father: *starts to raise his voice at me and other customers are staring. * No! Your tag says 44.99, Save twenty dollars

Me: That’s right sir, you save twenty dollars by paying 44.99…

The father: That’s not right! stay right here I’m going to show you!

The son stays behind embarrassed and I move the stuff aside so I can take the next customer because the line is getting extremely long. The father comes back glaring at me as I finish with the customer and I move his stuff back over.

The Father: You need people who know Shit in the gaming department.

Me: I’m sorry sir, we are getting slammed today so we’re pulling people over to try to help everyone get exactly what they need.

The father: I don’t care; you should only have people there who know what their talking about.

At this point I’m shaking because he’s still raising his voice and getting hostile at me so I finish ringing him out in silence giving up talking to him. When I finished my manager walked up to me and said after we finished clearing the line I could go calm down in the back. The next customer was super nice; I am sure they saw everything….

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