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Unfiltered | December 30, 2016

I work as a cashier in a busy retail superstore. It’s drawing closer to Christmas, so the atmosphere is growing ever more frantic and customers, bless them, are becoming even more clueless than usual. The following exchange happens several times a day.

Customer- “Is your till open?”

Me- “Yes ma-am”

(I quickly scan her items)

Me- “Right, that comes to £37.34. Would you also like a 5p ba-”

Customer- “How much was my total??”

Me- “£37.34. Would you like one of our 5p bags too?”

Customer- “How much are they?”

Me- “They’re 5p. Would you like one?”

Customer- “No.”

(I see she has her card out and is looking for the chip and pin machine, conveniently located an inch away from her hands)

Me- “The card machine is just here, ma-am, it’s ready for you to put your card in.”

(The customer puts her card in and stares at the screen telling her to enter her pin)

Me- “…You may now enter your pin.”

(She continues to stare)

Me- “…Ok, it’s ready for you to enter your pin, if you just type it in and press the green button…”

(Thankfully, she does so)

Me- “Thank you! Here’s your items and receipt, have a lovely evening!”

(She walks off without a reply)

Question of the Week

What is the absolute most stupid thing you’ve heard a customer say?

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