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Unfiltered | December 29, 2016

I answer the overflow lines for our sales and marketing calls. Sometimes marketing will send out standard letters or emails to potential clients encouraging them to purchase our software, but the client will call the number before researching the company online or contacting the person who sent the email. This is one such call.

Me: Thank you for calling (company). This is (my name). How can I help you?

Caller: Yes, I got this letter in the mail from John. Do you know what it’s about?

Me: Can you tell me a bit about what the letter says?

(She reads off a few lines and I realize it’s a marketing letter from our sales team that’s sent to potential clients.)

Me: Ah, that was sent to you by some of our Sales team. I’d be happy to have them call you at this number to go over the details.

Caller: That would be wonderful, thank you. Yes, my husband has been getting so grumpy about our software, but we just changed over our system and it cost almost a thousand dollars!

(Many doctor’s offices have done the same and it usually costs over $10,000 to transition a practice)

Caller: He got so grumpy over grouping these codes- the same way that he got upset over when I grouped the kid’s Christmas presents for pictures one year. You know, my daughter’s a doctor too and it’s just horrible how the government is making it difficult for us to practice. Not us in particular, you know, we’re doing fine. But she wants to work with these immigrant populations and you know her malpractice rate is just going to go up. It’s like we always say, you can be liberal when you’re young, but one day you have to grow up and be a conservative.

(I have only been able to make noncommittal noises at this point.)

Caller: You know, I have so many friends that are Russian and they are so happy with Putin. They haven’t been home in a long while but they say that he is just the most incredible leader in the world right now. And with what we have with the GOP- I like Rubio, even though he thinks the Cold War is about to start up again, but Fiorini is trouble with her past and fancy jet and golden parachute. Yes, that Megan Kelly, you know her? On broadcast news? She seems so scared of Putin, but I really think that he’s the best the world’s got right now. What do you think?

Me: We could definitely use more intelligent leaders in the world.

Caller: Exactly! Well, thank you so much dear and do have them call me when they can. Have a great day!