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Unfiltered | December 28, 2016

(This happens two days before Hunting season opens making it Black Saturday, the day after Black friday) Customer 1: OMG (Customer 2) look at these! They have Jerky Shooters. Didn’t your husband have that on his Christmas list?

Customer 2: Yes. Did you find them?

Customer 1: Over here, but they don’t look right.

Me: Excuse me ladies did you need some help?

Customer 1: Yes! How do they work?

Me: You put the meat you want to make into jerky and you squeeze the trigger to put it on the tray.

(They both share an uneasy look of confusion) Customer 1: So its a jerky gun?

Me: Yes that’s another name for it.

Customer 2: So how far does it shoot?

Me: Not far at all, it shoots on a tray.

Customer 2: But I don’t get it? How far away would we have to stand to catch the jerky on the tray?

Me: (dumbfounded by stupidity and after a brief pause) You put the tray on the table and unless you bump it, it won’t fall off.

Customer 1: Do you squeeze it gently so that doesn’t happen?

Me: No? It’s like icing a cake nice and smooth. You put the ground up meat in shooter and it comes out nice and smooth.

Customer 1 and 2: OOOOOHHH!

Customer 1: I thought it shot like a gun and we had to catch it with the tray. We feel really dumb now! Thank you sir for putting up with us.

(They walk away laughing and embarrassed as I start laughing and telling my coworkers the story over our radios)