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Unfiltered | December 26, 2016

I went to buy a pair of headphones for gaming purposes with some money from Christmas. As I’m checking out, making small talk with the man behind the register, I mention that it’s mainly for an alien-related sci-fi horror game I’ve been playing. Which is why his question seemed to come out of left field.

Cashier: “Hey, do you watch Sailor Moon?”

(I was caught off guard. I don’t know how we got from aliens to Sailor Moon.)

Me: “I’ve read some of the manga, and I’ve watched the old and new series a little, sure.”

Cashier: “Yeah, my friend’s girlfriend was talking about the reboot, I was considering watching it.”

(he says this very nonchalantly, then strikes a pose)

Cashier: (quoting show) “In the name of the Moon, I will punish you!”

Me: (laughs awkwardly)

I paid for my headphones and left, rather confused. I had been thinking about watching the reboot series when I got home that day, but I hadn’t said anything aloud, especially not to a stranger!1

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