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Unfiltered | December 18, 2016

(It’s Christmas morning and my mom wanted to keep the tradition of opening presents, then going to a very popular waffle restaurant in the south. There’s my mom, my sister, my one year old niece and nephew, and I).

Waitress: Are y’all having a good Christmas so far?

My mom: Yes ma’am. How about you?

Waitress: Not necessarily. I’m in here ’til 9 tonight…

My mom: Oh no. I’m sorry.

My sister: *whispers to me* i thought she had an attitude when we first got in here but now I completely understand.

(Fast forward to us finishing up our food. My niece and nephew have made a complete mess. My Mom and I were cleaning it up. Also, the waitress has been amazingly nice despite having to work all day.)

Me: *to the waitress* Do you have a pen I could borrow?

We left her a $10 tip, and I left her a “Merry Christmas” note on a napkin. I really hope her day got better.