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Unfiltered | December 11, 2016

The power had gone out about an hour and a half before. That time was spent covering up the coolers that didn’t have doors, to try and save as much of the food as possible. I was ‘assigned’ to stand by the front doors, telling people that we were not open, and that we were not sure when we would open again.

A potential customer comes up in their vehicle and parks, intending to come in. This is what happens.

Me: I’m sorry, our power has been out for a while, and Im not sure when we will get it back.

Customer: I just need a loaf of bread.

Me: Our registers aren’t on, so there is no way we can sell you anything.

Customer: But what is my family going to eat? I was going to make pizza, but out power is out!

Me: Im sure you have other things you can make, but as I said, we can’t sell anything since we have no power.

Customer: *proceeds to start yelling, calling attention to themselves.* A manager comes by, telling the customer exactly what I had told them.

Once they’re gone, I turn to one of the other employees and say “Did she just expect us to /give/ it to her?”