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Unfiltered | December 6, 2016

It was a busy Monday lunch. I was helping other customers when i heard this conversation between my server and a lady. She came rush in and “pick up order”, then she mentioned her name to my server. When we checked in the computer, there wasn’t any take out order under that name. Server:”i’m sorry we don’t have order under your name mam”. customer “what? You gotta be kidding me. It is a long orders. 10 lunch specials!!”. Me:”mam, we checked in the computer there isn’t any order under that name in fact we currently have no take out order on the list. The last order had just picked up 30 mins ago”. Customer:”you are telling me that you don’t have our food??!!”. Me:”well, no mam” customer:”this is ridiculous!!! I called in and talk to you and give my order”. Me:”hold on you called me?”. Customer:”yes i called you” then she show me her phone, with a phone number ,,,.Me:”mam, this is not our restaurant number, this is our Number. You see,,, this number has different are code” customer:” i don’t care. I want all my lunch specials ready in 15 mins” me:” well mam, we could try to cook it if you let me know what is your order”. Customer:”oh i need the menu” then she read it for like 5mins and finally gave us full orders. Fortunatelly it was a quick fix for them but still i feel sorry for the other restaurant. The lady left without saying sorry after causing a scene at the busy lunch time. Sometime people doesn’t know that server doesn’t mean servant