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[I work in a well-known chain department store, usually in women’s clothing. My coworker was trying to assist a middle-aged female customer who was ignoring all gentle hints that she really needed to be shopping in the plus-size section]

Customer: /with a handful of items and a scowl/ “What are your biggest sizes?”

Coworker: “16 or 18, or XL depending on the item.”

Customer: “Well, I need bigger sizes. Why don’t they have these in bigger sizes?”

Coworker: “This is actually the Missies section. They have larger sizes upstairs in the Women’s section.”

Customer: “I want THESE items in bigger sizes! Why don’t they make these bigger?”

Coworker: “Ma’am, they have a lot of the same brands in Women’s. We might have the items you want up there, or something similar.”

[After repeating herself a few times, the customer wanders away, disgruntled, and starts shopping through the Petites section. She comes back and the whole thing starts again.]

Customer: “Why is everything here so SMALL?! They need to make these in bigger sizes!”

Coworker: “Ma’am, this is the Petite section. The size range is the same as Missies, just a bit shorter and smaller. The larger sizes will be upstairs in Women’s.”

Customer: /huffs in exasperation/ “FINE! I’ll just go and find something in Juniors.”

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