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Unfiltered | December 1, 2016

( This takes place at our local skating rink in our town which has many music filled nights. Including Christian music night. That night I worked in the music booth and snack bar.)

Me: “Welcome everybody, just remember skate in the right direction and please watch out for the little ones.”

( 30 minutes into the session. )

Customer: “When are you going to play the real music!”

Me: Sir I’m sorry to inform you but this is Christian music night. If you don’t like the music you may leave.

Customer: “No put on real music b****! Or better yet let me speak to your manager, your in big trouble!”

( On the verge of tears one of my coworkers steps up. )

Coworker: ” Bro calm down you came on a night that was planned to have music like this if you don’t like it leave. ”

Customer: ” Or that little b**** can change the song so me and my friends can enjoy what we payed for! ”

( I then started to cry, which only made it worse. So I ran to my manager.)

Coworker: ” Dued you made a huge mistake. ” He said grinning knowing where I was going.

Customer: ” Why is she going to calm he mommy on me? ” He said so loud I could hear the sarcasm from the back room.

Coworker: ” No her Aunte is the manager an her father is from prison and her protects his baby girl. ”

(Soon enough the man was out of there as fast as I could blink. Ya both are true, but I was just going to tell my Aunte to ban him. Yet there was no need he hasn’t been back sense.)