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Unfiltered | November 30, 2016

(A customer is hitting on me and I’m trying to make him stop because I’m very shy and he’s embarrassing me.)

Customer: *giving me a charming smile* You should just come home with me!

Me: *blushing* I have a boyfriend who wouldn’t like that. Please, stop it!

Customer: *ignoring me and laughing* I’m just going to kidnap you and take you somewhere that no one can find you. Then you’re boyfriend can’t do anything.

Me: *glaring* If you take me, you won’t regret it!

(I realize I’ve misspoken, having meant to say “If you take me, you won’t live to regret it”. I try to take it back but I’m so embarrassed and flustered that I can’t speak and I can feel breathe.)

Customer: *holding his sides* You’re just too cute when you blush! I didn’t mean to make you say that! I’m so, so sorry!

(The customer is now a regular but he no longer razzes me like this.)