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Unfiltered | November 27, 2016

(It’s a busy Saturday afternoon and the line has gotten pretty long at the register queue. A woman approaches my register with a large online return and I begin processing it accordingly. However, before I can even scan an item, my register begins acting up to the point where I feel uncomfortable doing the return with it.)

Me: I’m sorry ma’am, my register is having some issues today. I’m just going to move you a little further down the counter to that register over there and we’ll finish up your transaction.

(We move to the other register, and the customer angrily throws her returns onto the counter in a huff. I’m a little taken aback, but begin processing her return again.)

Customer: This is why I absolutely hate coming here. The lines are always long and something always goes wrong.

Me: I’m sorry ma’am… my register was just acting up and I didn’t want it to mess up your return.

Customer: Whatever, how much is the return coming to?

Me: Alright, so [amount] will be going back on your credit card. Let me just put these items into the processing bin and then I’ll get your return receipt printed out.

(It takes me a second to gather up the items and place them in the bin behind me.)

Customer: Are you sure you did that right? Will you count up everything and make sure it matches up with what you’re actually returning to me?

Me: Uh… yeah. Sure.

(I then proceed to gather up her items again, and it takes me a moment to sort it all out from the other items in the bin. I count up her items and everything matches up. I print out her return receipt)

Customer: This is such a waste of my time. I don’t understand why you all have to be so slow or why the line is always so long.

Me: Well, it’s a Saturday afternoon, which has always been both our busiest day and our busiest time. You could always return your online purchases by mail instead of coming into the store. Or, even better, try coming in when we open at 9 in the morning instead. It’s rarely busy then.

Customer: (ripping the receipt out of my hand and beginning to storm out) I don’t want to have to get up that early!

Me: Have a nice day, ma’am.