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Unfiltered | November 26, 2016

Me: Thank you for calling *phone company* How can I help you today?

Customer: I just received a phone I ordered off of eBay that belonged to your company and I needed to get it unlocked. I have the IMEI information.

Me: Okay, I can definitely get you started with that, you are going to need the previous owner of the phones first and last name, as well as the last 4 of their social. Then you’ll have to go to *phone site slash deviceunlock* and enter the information to get it unlocked.

Customer: I need that information? (in background: call *name* and get her social. *customer gives me her name*

Me: Sorry, as I said, you have to go to the device unlock page to get it unlocked as we do not do phone unlocks over the phone.

Customer (now yelling): You just fxxxing told me you needed that information. You’re useless as fxxx!

(customer hangs up)