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Unfiltered | November 22, 2016

( It Was a normal Friday Evening, and Recently our mail had been coming late. It was about 7 Pm and My Step-Mom asked me to get the mail. We had just come home from the pool, so I had just changed into a pair of very old Princess Pyjamas, so I could stay warm. I saw my crush and His friend out there.

Crush: “Hey, What the F*** Are you wearing?

Crush Friend: ” [Crushes Name] Take a picture. Then ruin her Reputation On her First Day Of High School.”

Me: ” Fine Whatever. Your a F****** Stalker.

Crush: “…”

Crush Friend: “…”

( They go White in the Face, My crush Runs up My Driveway and Kisses me. I push him away and tell him to F*** off and Leave me alone.

Jogger: “‘ Here, You Deserve this for the way you acted. Save this and remember no matter what those silly guys say, girls still have rights.

( She gave me $20 and I actually Spent that $20 On me and my Bf’ s Second date!)