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Unfiltered | November 20, 2016

I’m the customer in this story. I’ve just finished my weekly shopping with my wife at the supermarket, and pull into the petrol station to fill up. It’s currently 10pm at night and I’m the only vehicle on the forecourt. It must be noted I’ve fuelled up at this station dozens of times before. I take the pump to put into my car and wait for the meter to reset to zero. Nothing happens for a couple of minutes. I notice the cashier fumbling in the back so stand there with a face between bemused and irritated. When the cashier notices me, he buzzes over the intercom:

Cashier: “You need to press the button which says “Pay at Kiosk”

I notice at this point the display on the pump is asking to press one of the two buttons.

Me (looking sheepish): “Thanks!”

I start filling up while my wife is looking at me from inside the car, laughing her a*** off. When I get inside:

Me: “Sorry about that, I usually read NotAlwaysRight.com and laugh at the stupid customers. For once, I’m the one being stupid!”

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